Friday, July 4, 2008

Life is Never Flat

Actually day by day we are created creativy in life. Proved with in every days we never met a same day before, meaning that "life is never flat" it could give a lesson to ours. We should always improving quality of life whatever that we can make a Big Thing in my life. sometimes we postponed a good thing to realized, remember important things from whatever you can do is a "First Step" what first step you can do ? that's a crucial question to you. Mostly peoples don't know what are they doing in first step that worst. One day you can find a litle regret about things when we postponed it or wrong in first step. It reasons why we should do the best immediately, cause time isn't come back. Please...cultivate your priceless time.


Zay said...

That's true "LIFE IS NEVER FLAT", that's I often say tot you (all) my students.
Terima kasih Mas Rizki, dah sempet mampir ke blog saya (
Keep yoru struggle, I always support and pray for your best future.
From: your (ex?) teacher
Zay(zainuddin idris)

Muhammad Rizki said...

Thanks My Great Teacher, I think you are still my teacher for me [Ago, Now and Later]. Because your influenced me a Good Passion in every smile. Thanks so far. ^_^