Monday, July 21, 2008

Finding a Great choice.

There are going to be people that have a job and are happy with it and others that are looking for more. Some people are not just looking for a job that they can go to everyday and earn a paycheck. They are satisfied with just doing whatever they need to in order to get by. Some are working a job that they hate because it has good pay and not because it makes them happy.

Being in a job that makes you feel bad about yourself or like you are not good enough is something that can be very bad for self-confidence. It is something that can make a person feels unworthy and unhappy in their life. It is important to have a good job or even a career that makes you feel satisfied and happy in the life that you live. Making choices is the main goal that a person has to have in order to find happiness and self worth.

The things that you need to look out for when you are working in a job that you are not sure are really for you is your complete happiness. You should work at making a list of the things that make you happy in your job and what you like the most about it. When you are doing this you will find it much easier to go to work everyday and to come home feeling good about yourself and who you are.

Learning about yourself is something that you need to do. You have to figure out what you are doing in life that makes you happy and what your meaning of a good job is going to be. When you are sure of the things that you are good at and what brings you self worth you will feel better about looking for the perfect career that works in your favor.

Setting goals for yourself is something else that you need to work on. You have to make a list of the goals that you want to achieve on a regular basis. You have to write down your short term and your long-term goals that are connected with your career. If you make a list and work hard to complete it you will find that you get closer to getting a career that works in your favor and brings you satisfaction in your regular workday.

You may need to determine if you are in the right working field. Are you able to feel confident in what you do? Is there any room for advancement in your career? These are things that you may want to consider so that you are sure that you are doing just more than a job and that you are on your way to a promising career. Learning these few things will give you a better chance of making the better career choices for you.

Finding something that you are good at is going to be the right place to start. Learning more about your personality and the values that you have in your life can really make choosing the career path that makes you happy. Being aware of the different choices is something that you will need to realize. You may have to work hard at getting the job that fits you best. It is going to take some time and you are going to have to be willing to make changes and sacrifice certain things.

Learning about you is the first step in finding more than just a job and getting a started on a career.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Lost projects.

Yesterday it was happened. I hope never happen again. Now i've an experienced about bidding projects from another peoples in the world. Yeah...i known that. You must more fluently to communicate with their. And also good for FIRST LOOK don't give a Bad performance or flirt. The problem was happened there can't made me down. It was beginning to cultive performance and skills more sharpen. One day i believe "if there is a will, it's a way" can u understand what i means ? Jika ada kemauan di situ ada JALAN. never give up. whatever can disturb and make your dream come true. The Conclusion is NEVER GIVE UP. build your imagine and cultivate it. Always learn with MASTER when you go in there areas. reading and just do it. no matter what can happens and finally u get an experience never u get before. it's WORTH.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beginner's Luck !!!

Beginner's Luck. It's a common issue in several companies or background from a founder company. Why they said that ? Cause, Newcomers usually do not care about what can happens. if they are doing something when we are thinking is Crucial Decision. The Good News is should be in every mindset peoples who their dreams there are A small iDea for BIG doing. Talk less do MORE meaning that we are Human with feels and emotions we can cultivate it for a positive activity to be a Winner in Life. Don't ask me what can happens if you doing something when you are thinking is very crucials decision in your life and you delayed it. It's worst something when is a Good Activity or Good for improving quality of life and you delayed it. Meaning that you NEVER found a wrong way or true way in your dreams. So...Congrulations You are regreted. How i can do that for a better iDea ? The answer is JUST DO IT DON'T CARE WHAT CAN HAPPENS. along you in side of goodness.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Life is Never Flat

Actually day by day we are created creativy in life. Proved with in every days we never met a same day before, meaning that "life is never flat" it could give a lesson to ours. We should always improving quality of life whatever that we can make a Big Thing in my life. sometimes we postponed a good thing to realized, remember important things from whatever you can do is a "First Step" what first step you can do ? that's a crucial question to you. Mostly peoples don't know what are they doing in first step that worst. One day you can find a litle regret about things when we postponed it or wrong in first step. It reasons why we should do the best immediately, cause time isn't come back. Please...cultivate your priceless time.

Monday, June 30, 2008

It's not a Big Deal.

Sometimes, we need to look on other's problems to taking a lesson how to solve the problems when we happens. Friends is one of way to share thoughts, ideas or problems. Mostly womans cozy to share their problems, usually beginning from their loves with man or their friends relationship. Actually the problems is a point of increasing ability to managing mind and feels to be more understood. If u got problems now, I recommend to call your friends or someone who understood with you. Speaks loudly and clear. Explore your mind to share toughts with seriously. Remember if you want to solving problems i think you should be patiently cause it's good points of problems. And else you got a problem when you can't solve, please be patient. meaning that you allowed to be participate with problem but please don't take long time to do it. it's just for preparing your plan and wake up knock out your problem. Be honest and wise person.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Technology Versus Income

We must known currently competition in technology growing rapidly. There are many kinds of major to improving skills companies. Specialized to improving staffs skills in a Company. We are peoples with differences skill and passion to improve skills especially in technology. From zero to hero being a market leader cultivating resources to be a multinational corporation. The City of Hongkong is the biggest neediness staffs skilled in technology prove with the rank of payroll to paid they staffs reffered from Cnet.Asia Payroll research in Asia.

Hoping Miracles

One day i'm hoping miracles in life. Someone who completed my missing piecies in heart can be mindful about something difference what i did before and forever. Certainly i should be more effort to make sure he's aware what happenned with me. I think Loving with single-minded is a truly immolation whatever he's say actually flavoured in a really relationship. Perhaps he's can't see what really happen but actually he's feels every attitude what i did, cause i believe a woman can read attitude 10 more than man. A Books from Dale Carniege - How to Win friends and influence people is great recomended if you want to improving relationship in every view from peoples. Why i was written like this ? cause, just flow in my mind and i want to free my mind.